Glazed Pottery & Domestic Ceramics

Catering to more than collectors, Kingdom Proprietors, Inc houses an incredible collection of unique, handmade pottery and glazed ceramics. We get that tastes are varied as artist styles - that's why we carry a variety of casual and rustic designs right alongside intricate ceramics and domestic styles of pottery.

Our Services...

Thanks to our ever-growing network of tradesmen, organizations, and other service providers who partner with us, KP Inc is able to meet a variety of needs throughout the Finger Lakes region, while existing as a small operation as we launch our ministry.

Fully licensed and insured, we clean up abandoned lots, forsaken properties, neglected spaces and other community eyesores, thus reducing the potential for crime, corruption and decay.

We offer valuable job training, life skills and hope to aspiring men and women. As we grow, we plan to add volunteers and court-mandated community service assistants to perform larger community-based projects ("KP Duty").

We also provide continuing support and encouragement through newsletters, emails and ongoing follow-up care. We never leave you feeling alone or forsaken.

Whatever your need may be, we can help. Whether it be replacing a leaking faucet, broken fixture or burned out light bulb, renewing your outdoor spaces, or renovating a local park or playground, we will not rest until the job is done and your need has been met in a professional, courteous, and satisfactory manner.

Our for-hire services are available to residential, commercial and municipal clientele.

Painting A Better Future With Community Service

Some of the services we offer are...

•  Appliance & Fixture Replacement       •  General Clean-ups                                  •  Junk & Debris Removal                            •  Home & Office Organization                •  Furniture Assembly                                •  Misc Personal Services                           •  Snow & Ice Removal                               •  Emergency Storm Clean-ups                •  24-hr Disaster Response                      

 •  Landscaping...                                                   •  Design & Installation                               •  Management / Maintenance                 •  Renovations                                                •  Tree & Shrub Pruning                               •  Mulching                                                     •  Nightscaping / Lighting                           •  Patios, Walks & Driveways                     •  Stone & Timber Retaining Walls                                               

•  Light Construction & Repair         •  Home Improvement Projects      •  Fences & Decks                               •  Wheelchair Ramps                        •  Tile Floors & Walls                          •  Kitchens & Baths                            •  Remodels & Renovations             •  Interior & Exterior Painting          •  Gutter Cleaning & Repair