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Jim & Beckie Milliman's Story


Jim and Beckie's predicament was first brought to our attention by one of their neighbors, wondering if we could help. KP Inc sprung into action! We immediately contacted the family and set up a time to meet and discuss their situation and what we could do to help.

The family had been scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars by a group of con men who were presenting themselves as legitimate contractors. While they started the job, ultimately, they only succeeded to rip off the rear of the house, leaving it exposed to the elements, before disapearring with the money. With winter fast approaching, something needed to be done - and FAST!

Thankfully, other contractors had also responded to their need. as we were not equipped to single-handedly take on a project of this scope and size. We, along with the other contractors, developed a course of action.

Through a huge outpouring of the local community and tradesmen, the addition was completed and the Milliman's were able to begin putting their lives back together.

We continue to assist the family today. We replaced an aging, delapitated fence and installed a new gate. This Spring, we are going to install a matching fence on the other side of their property and renovate the back yard.

Jim and Beckie's story was covered by numerous media outlets, and yes, the original contractors were arrested and charged.

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- Beckie M.,   Cdga NY

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